It doesn’t have to be “just” talking: why not cook together online? Although the tension-laden accidental touches while cutting vegetables are gone – it is still an activity in which you can have a relaxed conversation and at the same time learn a lot about the other or the other easy hookup sites. Maybe your date is in the mood for a delicious minced zucchini pan, for example? Are you one of the bloody beginners when it comes to cooking? No problem: Here are the most important cooking hacks to get you started. So much in advance: Fresh ingredients, fruit and vegetables are particularly important. And if you have two left hands at the stove, then this is the perfect romantic alternative: Surprise your date and have food delivered to the address of the other person – of course you pay. Important: Fast food is a no-go on a first date. Would you like to watch a movie with your dating partner? Approaching each other bit by bit on the sofa or in the cinema doesn’t work. Still, it can be nice to laugh and comment together on a movie or a series. Pick a movie together and start it on the TV at the same time. It happens from time to time. You’re worked up, she’s ready to go, and suddenly you can’t get an erection. While guys get that isn’t something that never happens, women may not understand. Of course you never want to be in this situation, but if you are here’s what you can do to ensure that she doesn’t write you off. Be There For Her So you’ve tried everything you can think of and it just isn’t happening. This doesn’t mean she didn’t also put in effort. Instead of just calling it a night, give her what she needs. Oral sex is your best friend in this situation. Just tell her you want to make it all about her, and make sure she has a great time. The fact that you couldn’t sustain an erection won’t be such a big deal if you tried to make sure she was pleasured. Don’t Blame Her When this happens with men it’s common for a woman to assume they haven’t done something right. They can see this as a personal failure. You need to make sure that you don’t do or say anything that feeds in to this assumption. If she thinks it’s her fault that you weren’t aroused she will probably not call you again. Instead reassure her that it has nothing to do with her. Tell her that you would have loved to be able to finish, and pay her a compliment or two. She’s more likely to understand if she knows that you were aroused, it just wasn’t working below the belt.
Having fantastic sex won’t guarantee a phone call back. Sex is not the glue that creates a relationship bond. It does help if it was good for both parties though. If you wonder if good sex will get you a phone call, here are some things to keep in mind. Was It Really Good? A mind blowing experience for you doesn’t equal the same for her. If you start tooting your own horn and bragging about how good it was, this can actually make her remember the evening differently. Be humble about it. If your goal is to give her great sex, remember to think about her. Many men assume that because they got off, she must have enjoyed it too. Women need more of a work up before they will orgasm than a man does. Spend some extra time on her, use oral sex skills, and listen to what she wants to make it a truly good experience. Why Won’t She Call? Again, having great sex doesn’t mean she is interested in anything more. If the arrangement was for meaningless, no strings attached sex, don’t expect this to turn in to a relationship. She may have just wanted to have a need fulfilled, and you’ve done your part so she’s done. If this wasn’t the arrangement and she still won’t call, don’t be afraid to call her. Wait a few days and just place a non-threatening call to see how she’s doing. She may have been busy with work or family, or afraid to contact you.
We have all been in the position where we have done things that we later regret. We can’t harp on these moments, and we must be able to move forward if we ever expect to get any peace. Avoiding Regrets One of the biggest reasons people experience regrets when it comes to sex is because they’ve had entirely too much to drink, started acting out of character and for one night only acted like a couple of swingers. Drinking lowers our inhibitions drastically, and things we wouldn’t ordinarily do suddenly sound like a good idea. You can still enjoy a few drinks though, just remember that moderation is key. If you avoid getting drunk, you can avoid the regret. Another good idea is to have someone with you if you plan on drinking. A close friend who knows you will be able to stop you from making poor decisions. Just be sure the friend isn’t going to be drinking heavily either. Dealing With Regrets So you consumed a little too much and ended up doing something you probably shouldn’t have done. You can dwell on this and let it get to you, or you can just forget it and move on. If the regret was something like unprotected sex, then make an appointment at your local sexual health clinic to get checked out. Plan B is a morning after birth control that will help prevent pregnancy for up to 72 hours after unprotected sex, this is also a good idea to get. If the regret was hooking up with someone you shouldn’t have, it may sound callous but you have the option of just not calling them again. If you care about the person and want to form a relationship, just be honest. Tell them you feel badly about what happened and it was probably too soon. Chances are they will agree and you can both put it behind you.
Many women only want to date men with a big penis. Even if you aren’t a size queen, you don’t want to be disappointed the first time you have sex. While size isn’t everything, it is important to an extent. There are a few ways you can tell if he has a large penis without actually seeing it. Grab A Glance As your date gets up to walk away you can catch a quick glance. Even if they aren’t wearing tight pants, you may still be able to get an idea of what size package he has by just looking. Remember this isn’t fool proof, and the type of pants he wears as well as the type of underwear can make it look deceiving. Touch It While you can’t just reach down and grab his crotch, there are a few sneaky ways you can feel in that area to test it out. Drop something on the ground and try to allow your arm to brush against his crotch as you lean down to pick it up. You can pretend that you didn’t mean to do this if you need a cover, although most guys aren’t going to throw a fit if you brush up against them. Also remember that what you are feeling is likely not in an aroused state, so he will probably be larger when he is aroused. Just Ask If it’s bothering you that much you can try to make a joke about it and ask. Remember that men are usually smaller when they aren’t aroused, and there is no way to tell how much it will grow until you see it in action.
Ending a date can be frustrating and confusing for many people. If you want to go further but are unsure how to approach this, asking them back for coffee is typically code for sex, if they ask if you are a swinger they are either curious or you’ve overdone it when bigging yourself up. There are some ways you can do this without sounding like a creep. Be Prepared To Make Coffee If you invite your date back to your place for coffee and then no coffee pot is found, you’re going to look like a creep. Even if your date was in the mood, they likely won’t be after this. You should prepare to make a pot of coffee regardless of whether or not you want it. If you don’t have a coffee pot, invite them back for tea, or other drinks. Accept Rejection You may ask your date back for coffee and they turn you down. Don’t fret, this happens, it doesn’t mean they aren’t interested. They may genuinely need to get back home for something. Don’t assume if they tell you they have to work early that it’s just an excuse. It may be for real. You can always ask again next time. Don’t Pressure Them If they decide to join you, don’t automatically assume this means they are game for sex. They be on the fence about it, or just may want to actually spend more time with you. Once you are inside, you can start to make the moves, but back off quickly if they aren’t responding well. If you have another date later down the road at least they will know what to expect if you ask them for coffee, and they may be more receptive to it then.
We’ve all had nights where we’ve had a little too much to drink and ended up doing things we may not remember. This doesn’t make you a bad person, it makes you human. You may be happy about waking up in your dates bed. If so, great! If on the other hand it wasn’t what you planned, you can still get out of there without being a jerk. Assess The Situation Once you wake up and realize you aren’t at home, excuse yourself to the bathroom. This way you can go through the events of the earlier evening alone, without an audience. You won’t be able to hide disgusted facial expressions as you try to remember, and you don’t want your date to feel badly about what happened. Going to the bathroom is a good way to mask this while you try to figure out what happened. Don’t Run Out If they haven’t woken up yet but you want, or need, to leave, wake them first. No one wants to wake up knowing someone was in their bed but snuck out in the morning. Even if you don’t plan on calling again, you should give them a little courtesy. Wake them up and let them know you have to leave. Tell them you had a great time, and you’ll call later. This is the diplomatic way out. Laugh It Off If you had a good time and plan on seeing them again, you can just laugh it off the next morning. Offer to take them out for breakfast, or cook for them. Talk about the fun things you remember from the earlier evening. This is actually a good way to bond with someone, and can help you turn a mistake in to a meaningful moment.
Pre-mature ejaculation can be a nightmare for men and women. Women don’t understand why this happens, and men are embarrassed about it. There are several things you can do to ensure that it doesn’t continue to be a problem. Before the Date Before you go out it’s not a bad idea to masturbate. This way you aren’t carrying around sexual tension during the date that can create a sensation overload later. If you don’t do this and things become intimate later you may find the problem persists. Take it Slow When you are getting intimate, go slowly. This will allow you to build up at an even pace and not get too excited too quickly. This can be a leading cause of pre-mature ejaculation. Talk to Her If you’ve had issues before with this, just let her know that it does happen from time to time. If it happens unexpectedly, continue on with sex, making sure you are pleasing her. Oral sex is going to be your friend in this instance. This way she doesn’t feel like it was something she did, and she isn’t left out. You can also tell her that she turns you on so much you just couldn’t help it. This will actually make her feel pretty good about the whole thing. See a Doctor If the problem persists there could be an underlying medical condition that is causing it. It’s normal for men to experience this from time to time, but if it’s happening every time or very frequently, a doctor can help solve the problem. There are also medications they can prescribe, or creams you can use to help numb the area so it doesn’t continue to be an issue.
Women fake orgasms for many reasons. Most men assume it’s because they weren’t good at what they were doing. The truth is, most often a woman will fake it to help her guy out when it just isn’t going to happen. While you won’t have any clear way of knowing for certain if her orgasm is real, here are a few things you can do to tell. Penetration Only The vast majority of women can’t orgasm with just penetration. The clit is the powerhouse of the female genitalia. There are some women who can come with vaginal penetration, but this number is relatively low. The point is, if she is having an orgasm and there has been no clitoral stimulation, it’s a pretty good bet it’s not real. You can avoid this by making sure you are in positions where one of you can reach her clit. Be gentle with it, it has more nerve endings than the head of a penis and too much pressure can be painful. Why Women Fake It Most guys assume that a woman fakes an orgasm just to end a bad sexual experience. This is rarely the case, although women will do this sometimes. More often than not a woman will fake it because something is just not working. It’s not as easy for a woman to get off as it is for a man. Most women won’t even experience their first orgasm until their mid 20s, so if your partner is younger she may fake it for your benefit. Don’t assume that a faked orgasm is a bad thing.
When you first begin dating someone it can be difficult to read their feelings. Since you don’t know them very well, you won’t know how they react when they are turned on. There are subtle clues you can watch for to help you determine if you should try to go further with them. Listen to Them Are you hearing a lot of double speak or innuendos when they speak? If they seem to be talking in circles or bringing up sexually sounding things, it’s a pretty good bet they have sex on the brain. If you still aren’t sure, try to say something that can be construed as sexual, and see how they react. Do they pick up on the double meaning? If so, and the reaction is horrified, then they are probably open. Body Language are they sitting very closely to you? Do they keep touching you? These are both signs that your date is horny. The touching may be innocent, but pay attention to their facial expressions as they do this. People who are horny tend to try to talk with their eyes, they may also lick their lips a lot or put their other assets forward. If they are trying to get you to notice their mouth, their eyes, or even their chest, they are probably horny. Conversations If the conversation on the date blatant turns to sex, like if they start asking about fantasies, they are probably trying to get a read on you. Be flirty and sexual back. If they don’t pull back, then you have a good chance of the date ending on a very happy note.
Some people like the idea of one night stands, and others don’t want anything to do with them. Regardless of how you feel, here are a few things that can help you out either way. Looking For A One Night Stand If you are wanting to meet people specifically for a one night stand, you want to be honest with them up front. You can post ads online through adult dating sites looking for no strings attached relationships or one night stands. You stand a much better chance of finding what you want this way. One thing to watch out for though are prostitutes. Many hookers will troll through dating sites looking for ads like this. If this isn’t what you want, be clear about it from the beginning. Avoiding One Night Stands If you’ve met someone that you really like and go out with them, the best way to avoid the one night stand is not to have sex with them on the first date. This way if they are interested in more than sex they will stick around and go on a few more dates. The general rule is no sex sooner than the 3rd date is a good way to avoid a one night stand. Be Safe One night stands are an easy way to pick up an STD if you aren’t careful. You don’t know anything about this person, and if you don’t plan on having future contact they have no motivation to tell you if they have something. To protect yourself from this always be sure to use condoms and dams for any sexual activity.